Academic Coaching & Educational Therapy

What is Academic Coaching & Educational Therapy? 

Are you stressed out by your student's report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and long-term assignments? Are you sick of nagging and pushing and encouraging? You've done your best to set rules and come up with bribes...but nothing works.

When you have reached this point of frustration, it may be time to think about an Academic Coach.

Our highly trained Academic Coaches teach students how to be effective students at all points of their academic life from Elementary School to High School. They don't actually focus on academic content (though that may come up), but rather, they focus on:

  •  Time Management
  • Organization Skills between Home and School
  • Study Skills in a Digital World
  • Taming the Homework Beast
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Self-Advocacy

The overarching focus of academic coaching is showing students how to learn to learn. Learning to learn has been shown to contribute more to a student's long-term academic success than actual content tutoring. Subject matter is constantly in flux, curriculum changes, and schools emphasize different skill sets... but knowing how to learn in different situations and with different teachers is a something that will serve students throughout their entire academic life.

Academic Coaches can also provide educational therapy. They are particularly skilled in working with students with trauma-based learning difficulties, students with ASD, and Gifted & Talented students. They focus on a student's particular learning style and develop learning processes that are tailored to fit each student's learning needs. Our Academic Coaches have advanced degrees in either Special Education (MEd) or a Doctorate in Educational Psychology (EdD), which is unique among other coaching services. We collaborate with other therapists or psychologists as well as court mediation services

Academic Coaches also work with families to establish routines and to create mutually agreed upon expectations for learning. As one of our parent's said:

"I thought you'd like to know that Max finished up his semester with straight A's. And he did it with very few late nights, and virtually no help from me or my wife. No doubt some of the study skills that you taught him came into play." -Eric R., parent

Our Academic Coaches are more than tutors. They use professional assessment tools to accurate identify areas for improvement and develop a personalized plan for building academic skills. Also unlike traditional tutors, Academic Coaches work collaboratively with schools and families to ensure that our plan seamlessly fit into a student's academic life, at home and at school.

We love working with Homeschooling Families! We work with homeschooling families to establish time management routines, organizational skills, and study you can focus on working with your student in a positive and nurturing way.

Academic Coaching Fees:

  • Initial Consultation- $100
  • Additional Educational Assessments- Based on the initial consultation, the Academic Coach may recommend additional educational assessments to determine a more personalized coaching program. Common assessments include ADHD screenings, executive functioning assessments, and problem solving assessments. Rates are negotiable.
  • Weekly At-Home Coaching Package– $300/month, with each session for 45 minutes. Days can vary based on student projects, tests, major homework assignments, etc.

  • As Needed Coaching - Starting at $40/hour

Financial Assistance is always available. Please inquire via email. We will not deny any of our services based on financial need.